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Digital artist materials

I’m Koi_Artx

A Freelance Artist

Visionary. Charming. Revolutionary.


Professional Approach

Only the Best

I have always been very passionate when doing or looking at art, so I do my best to learn more with my drawings, making logos and creating animations. Everytime i'm improving more and more so I can give quality art to my clients.

My expertise is to Illustrate in Procreate, because I love the similarities of drawing in traditional paper. I have lots of artistic skills, which I earned with a lot of time and effort for the purpose of giving satisfactory art to my clients.

I'm very versatile, so I can work with multiple art styles and mediums, I am also very client-focused and I tend to go beyond my own understanding to be in the shoes of my client, to reach a good negotiation. I am also very attentive to detail, so i might add my own touch as a little surprise in the arts I make if im sure the client would like it.  

Every client that I had, has been very satisfied with my work as thats my main focus as a result-driven business. 

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